The Fashbae Story

Fashbae is a New Zealand online free buy & sell trading platform for all things fashion! Fashbae was founded by New Zealander Bridget Thackwray, who has launched the site exclusively for kiwis. The Fashbae team is made up of like-minded individuals on the hunt for affordable fashion.

The Fashbae team run a majority of New Zealand's most popular Facebook fashion buy & sell groups. It was this experience of monitoring over 400,000 members within the Facebook groups that provided the team with a unique insight into what the target market wants and needs from a fashion trading platform, and alas, the idea of Fashbae was born.

The website allows members to buy and sell pre-loved clothing without incurring a listing or success fee - it's totally free. The team's aim was to create a trading platform that minimises the issues surrounding Facebook buy & sell groups. Now members can browse a wide range of categories without worrying about scammers and time wasters.

Fashbae is a selling platform for fashion lovers, by fashion lovers.


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