Frequently asked questions | Withdrawing funds

All payments made on the website by buyers will go into your Fashbae wallet. You can then withdraw the money from your Fashbae wallet into your bank account. It is free to withdraw funds; you will receive the complete payment with no deductions.

Withdrawing funds from your Fashbae wallet may take overnight before showing in your bank account.

To withdraw the money from your Fashabe wallet you will need to visit the Wallet page under your account. You can then simply enter your account bank details (name, account, bank name) and submit. You only need to enter your bank account details once as Fashbae will remember the details to make future withdrawals. You can change these details at any time.

If you have chosen to list and sell an item as SafePay, then, the payment for your item can only be withdrawn from your wallet only once you have submitted the item’s package tracking code. For more information on SafePay click here

The reason we have an online wallet system...

It allows buyers to pay for your items straight away, and not wait for you to send your account details (which triggers impulse buying, so better chance of you selling your item!)

You do not need to re-send your account details to numerous individuals.

You do not need to check if payments for items have been made into your bank account. We notify you be text, email and website message once a payment has been made and your item is sold.

It allows buyers to pay by card and not only bank transfer

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