Frequently asked questions | Why is Fashbae free?

Our team is made up of fashion lovers; we have each spent years buying and selling all sorts of items online through other marketplace websites and Facebook groups. We love the free trading community the Facebook groups allow, however nowadays there are so many issues within these groups. Our aim has been to start a website with the necessary functionality needed to trade easily and safely, but still with no commission or listing fees.

Many kiwis have been running Facebook buy and sell groups voluntarily for years in their own spare time. We too believe in helping others for the benefit of the community... and that is what Fashbae is about. Running a website is easier to manage scammers and timewasters than through Facebook where there is very limited control.

The team at Fashbae find it outdated to charge members to use a website - when it's the users which make your website work! Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Snapchat are all free, so why shouldn't there be a free marketplace also! We want to encourage people to use our website and to trade easily and safely with each other around New Zealand.

Our aim is to keep Fashbae a free marketplace and then cover expenses from the high traffic this brings. Having a high number of daily website views will result in sidebar advertising revenue which will cover any costs which arise from running a website of such a large scale.

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