Frequently asked questions | Seller not replying or completing trade

Wait a reasonable amount of time
Be sure to give the seller a reasonable amount of time to get in touch. We normally consider about three to five days to be enough time before you begin to then query a seller / trade. Whilst you may be very tech-savvy, do remember that others may only come online once every few days.

Check over the listing again
Re-read the listing details including the item description. The seller may have mentioned that there will be a delay in their replies, or postage of the item (due to being on holiday, personal reasons etc). They may have also included another form of contact for you to get in touch.

Double Check Payment
If you paid the seller by bank transfer then make sure you double check the payment has left your account and that the transfer details were correct (reference code, bank account and payment amount).

Once we receive your bank transfer you will have received an email and website message confirming this within 24 hours of you making the payment. If you never received this email it is likely we did not receive your payment in our account, or an error was made from your end during the transfer.

If the payment was never made, then the item was never held for you and the seller wouldn’t have been informed about the trade in the first place.

Check your online messages
We will send you an email notification when you receive a message on Fashbae, however these can often go into your webmail’s spam folder. Check your messages on Fashbae to make sure the seller hasn’t already been in touch. You may have just missed their message.

Contact the seller yourself
If you have not yet contacted the seller yourself, then, you can message them via the website (or re-message again if you have already done so once before).

To message via the website, simply login online, visit the Items I’ve Purchased page under Your Account. Here you will be able to find the item purchased and the seller’s name. Click the sellers name to visit their profile page where you will find an option to message them.

Check if the item was a SafePay listing or not
If the item was a SafePay listing and the seller has not yet submitted the tracking code, then, we will still be holding your payment in our account. If no tracking code is submitted by the seller after seven days from purchase your full payment will be refunded to you.

This is an automatic refund if you have paid by bank card. If you have paid via bank transfer, we will contact you via email for your bank account details so that we can deposit the funds back to you. Refunds can take from 1-5 working days for the money to show in your account.

Place A Negative Seller Review
Placing a negative review on the seller will often prompt a seller to get back to you or complete the trade (with the hope that you will edit or remove the negative feedback if they do so). It will also help warn other Fashbae members to stay clear.

To place a review, simply visit the Reviews page under your account. Here you will have a list of all reviews you have previously placed and sellers awaiting reviews.

Contact us for help
If you have tried the above but had no luck, then get in touch with us for help. We may be able to give the seller a phone call, personal email or somehow get in contact with them.

Take the issue to the Disputes Tribunal
If you are unable to resolve an issue with the seller, then you can file a dispute with the Disputers Tribunal. This costs between $45 to $180 depending on the value of your claim. For information on this option please refer to the Ministry of Justice's website.

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