Frequently asked questions | SafePay

SafePay is an optional service we offer to help control online scamming. This is completely free; it does not cost the seller or the buyer anything.

With a SafePay listing, we hold the buyer’s payment until you have submitted the item parcel’s tracking code. The buyer is still required to pay the full payment during checkout.

The item must be posted within seven days via NZ Post.

You will need to submit the parcel tracking code online via Fashbae. The tracking code will be automatically checked and your payment released instantly, if the status of the tracking code shows that the package has been scanned.

You do not need to wait for the buyer to have received your item for us to release the payment to you. This way there is no risk of buyer spam (the buyer acting as if the item never arrived and requesting a refund).

We recommend you offer SafePay, as buyers feel that their trade is more secure, and it increases the chance of you selling your items.

How and where to submit the tracking code

To submit the package tracking code you simply need to visit the 'Items you've Sold' page under your account. Here you will see the specific item sold with the option to submit the tracking code.

Errors with submitting the tracking code

If you submit a tracking code and there is an error this can be due to two main issues.

The first reason is that you may have made a typo in the tracking code, re-read the code carefully and correct any mistakes you may have made when typing it in.

The other reason can be that very rarely a post office will not scan a package right away. Without the tracking code being scanned we have no proof it exists yet. If this is the case, you will simply need to wait an hour or so and the re-submit.

Contact us at any time if you need any help with this.

If you do not submit a code

You have seven days to submit the tracking code for any SafePay item sold. Failure to do so will result in a refund to the buyer for their full payment.

You will be reminded by TXT (optional), email and website notification when you have five, and then two days remaining before the buyer will be refunded.

As soon as we issue the refund to the buyer we will inform you by TXT (optional), email and website message. Do NOT post the item after we have issued a refund (seven days from purchase) as you will no longer receive payment for your item.

Not submitting a tracking code in time will normally result in the buyer giving negative feedback on you as a seller. Your Fashbae account may also be permanently banned by us if you continue to fail following through with sales. 

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