Frequently asked questions | Receiving Payments

We allow all buyers the option to pay for items online with debit / credit card of by bank transfer. If you allow cash on pick-up, then the buyer still has the option to pay with bank card or bank transfer. No payment method the buyer chooses will cost you anything.

All payments will be made into your online wallet. You will then need to withdraw the money into your bank account - this is also free.

You will always receive the complete payment, we do not take anything and there are no fees whatsoever. For more information on withdrawing your funds click here.

As soon as the payment has been made by the buyer, we will let you know that the item is sold via TXT, email and website message. You can then login and withdraw the funds into your bank account.

If you listed your item as a SafePay listing, then the payment will be inside your Fashbae wallet, but you will be unable to withdraw the money until you have submitted the item's tracking code. If this item was not listed as SafePay the funds will be available for withdrawal instantly, once received.

If a buyer selects to pick up an item (if you choose to allow pickups) then the cost of postage will be removed from the total, and no postage cost will be paid. If the buyer chooses to have the item posted you will receive the total item price and the total postage cost together in the one payment.

If you feel there is an error or incorrect payment into your online wallet then please get in touch.

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