Frequently asked questions | Accepting or declining offers

If you selected to allow offers when listing an item, then, buyers can make you an offer for your item. We do not allow buyers to make offers more than 30% under your item’s listed price.

When a buyer submits an offer you will be sent a text, email and website notification. You can then either accept or decline the offer. You do not have a timeframe on accepting or deciding offers. You can take your time to decide, see if you get a better offer or sell the item at its listed price.

Do note that a buyer can withdraw their offer at any time if you have not yet accepted it. If your listing expires (after 21 days) then the offer will be automatically declined as well.

You can receive multiple offers on items, as even during the time a buyer has submitted an offer the item will remain for sale on Fashbae. It is not until you accept an offer and the buyer has paid for the item that it is classed as sold and removed from sale.

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