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SafePay Listings

SafePay is a free service we offer our members to help keep peer-to-peer trading spam free. With SafePay listings we hold your payment until the seller has submitted the parcels using tracking code as proof that the item is on the way.

To benefit from SafePay you must select to have the item posted and cannot pick up the item. This is because we need to use the parcel tracking code to confirm the delivery and release the seller’s funds. If you select to pick up any item, then SafePay will no longer apply, regardless of the fact that the item is listed as SafePay or not.

SafePay items will have a SafePay badge on them when you view the individual listing page. You can also sort to only show SafePay listing in the filters on the search page.

If the seller has not submitted the item tracking code after seven days from purchase, then, your full payment will be refunded to you. This is an automatic refund if you have paid by bank card. If you have paid via bank transfer we will contact you via email for your bank account details so we can deposit the funds back to you. Refunds can take from 1-5 working days for the money to show in your account.

We cannot 100% guarantee that your trade will be spam free with SafePay, however it is a free service that we offer to try to keep your payment as safe as we can.


Listings which do not offer SafePay simply mean that your payment will be sent directly to the seller as soon as you have purchased the item. Therefore, we are unable to refund your payment if the seller does not complete the trade.

SafePay is an optional free service that a seller can select when listing an item. Some sellers will not select this option, however this does not mean the listing is necessarily unsafe. You can always ask the seller if they would consider adding Safepay.

If you are looking to purchase an item which does not offer SafePay then we strongly recommend you follow the suggestions below, in the Before You Buy section.

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