Frequently asked questions | Posting items

All items listed on Fashbae must have the option of postage within New Zealand. You must include the cost of the item’s postage in the item listing. This cost is added to the total to be paid by the buyer if they wish to have the item posted.

If the buyer selects to pick up the item (if you select to allow this) then they do not pay this postage cost.

If there are any specific details you wish to include about postage please do so in the description area.

Tracking or no tracking
Here you have the option to let the buyer know if you are going to be posting their item with or without tracking. Tracking costs $1.50 more per package sent. We highly recommend including tracking, as it will help increase the chance of your item selling and decrease the chance of disputes with a buyer. All SafePay listings are required to have a tracking code (find out why here)

How much to charge for postage
Click here for the New Zealand Post pricing guide. Make sure to include enough to cover the cost of postage, as you cannot ask the buyer for more money to cover the postage once the item is sold.

If you want postage to be included / free
If you wish to include free postage, then, you can simply select this option as a checkbox beside the postage price field. This will show up on your listing as Free postage. This always helps with the sale of your item!

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