Frequently asked questions | Paying via debit / credit card

If you can choose to pay by debit / credit card the payment will be instant, and your item will be secured straight away and no longer listed for sale on the website.

You will be charged 2.2% + 40c (NZD) for using your bank card. We take nothing – it is the bank card company that charges this fee. If you wish to avoid the fee you will need to select another payment option (bank transfer or cash on pick up).

The reason the buyer pays this fee is that we like to allow our sellers to keep the total payment they have sold their item for, so the marketplace remains free to trade. Buyers have the option to pay via bank transfer (or cash on pick up if allowed), so therefore have the option to avoid this fee.

The seller will be sent your postage details, or be instructed to get in touch to arrange postage as soon as the payment has gone through.

You can always message the seller at any stage. Simply login online, visit the Items I’ve Purchased page under Your Account. Here you will be able to find the item purchased and the seller’s name. You will find a Message Seller option under the seller’s profile page (click their name to view this page).

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