Frequently asked questions | Paying via bank transfer

If you choose to pay via bank transfer you will need to deposit the correct funds within 24 hours of clicking Buy Now. Failure to do so will result in your Fashbae account being blocked from making purchases for 10 days, and the item will be re-listed for sale on the website.

Paying by bank transfer is free, we or the bank do not take a cut from your payment.

After the check-out process you will be given the bank account number to deposit funds. This will always be for the Fashbae bank account, regardless if the item was listed via SafePay or not. We do this so that you can pay and secure the item right there and then, rather than waiting for the seller to message you their bank details directly. We then pass the complete payment onto the seller ourselves. The seller will receive the complete payment, as we take nothing.

You will be given a unique reference code for the bank deposit during checkout. Make sure the reference code you enter is correct so that we can track your payment. Also be sure that your payment total is correct and deposited all in one go. If you think you may have made a typo or entered the any bank deposit details incorrectly, then please get in touch as soon as possible so we can manually check whether the payment has been made.

When your payment has been received in the Fashbae bank account you will receive an email and website message to inform you. At this point the seller will be given either your postage details or told to arrange pick up with you (depending on which one you selected during check out).

You can always message the seller at any stage. Simply login online, visit the Items I’ve Purchased page under Your Account. Here you will be able to find the item purchased and the seller’s name. You will find a Message Seller option under the seller’s profile page (click their name to view this page).

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