Frequently asked questions | Making an offer

Some items will allow you to make a price offer. This option is only available for items where the seller has allowed so during listing. To make an offer simply click the Make An Offer button on the individual item page. You will only be able to make offers up to 30% under the item’s buy now price. Once you submit an offer the seller will choose to accept or decline the offer. They have no time limit on offers made, so can accept at any time.

Accepted Offers
If the seller accepts your offer you will then be sent an email and website notification to inform you. The item will only be secured for you and removed for sale on the website once payment for the item has been confirmed. To pay for the item login to your Fashbae account, and under your account page you will find the Offers Made page, with a link to Buy Now on the specific offer accepted.

Declined Offers
If the seller declines the offer you will be sent an email and website notification to inform you. You can then make another offer by repeating the process (visiting the individual item page). Before making another offer an option is to message the seller via the website and try to negotiate the price, and then make another offer once you have agreed on a price in message.

Withdrawing Offers
To withdraw an offer, simply visit the Offers Made page under your Account. Here you will be able to withdraw the specific offer.

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