Frequently asked questions | Listing an item

To list an item you will need to be a member of Fashbae. You can register here

Listing an item is free on Fashbae and we do not take any commission on your sale or charge you any listing fees whatsoever. This is a free trading website where you keep all the money you make. We also have no intention to charge our users in the future.

Items listed on Fashabe will expire after 21 days. We do this to ensure all items for sale on the website are still available for sale. To re-list your item all you need to do is simply login to your account, visit the Items I’m selling page and click ‘Re-list’. This will give your item another 21 days in the marketplace.

To list an item you will be asked for...

The wardrobe - required

You will need to choose which wardrobe the item belongs to; men, women, girls, boys or babies. This is essential, and you can only select one option.

The item category and subcategory - required
These relate to the wardrobe selected, so will only show once you have selected the item’s wardrobe. This is required and you can only select one option. If the exact category / subcategory is not listed, then please choose a similar option or ‘other’ (which you will find under some categories) and be sure to include related words in the keyword section.

Do get in touch if you have any suggestions with regard to our subcategory or category options.

The listing title - required
This is required and has a limit of 30 characters. We recommend that the listing title is in the format: Colour, Size, Gender, Brand Item. (Example: Red Size 12 Girls Billabong Dress).

All of these details (colour, size, brand etc) are also filters included in the listing. Therefore, it is not a requirement to list items with all of these details in their title.

The item description - optional
This is a great place to add any further information about the item or about the trade of the item. For example, more information on the item’s condition (e.g missing buttons), how much you previously bought the item for, or specific details relating to postage / pick-up.

The items size - required, if applicable
The sizes shown on Fashbae are in New Zealand sizes, for both clothing and shoes. If the size is shown, then it is required, and you can only select one option.

Some items you have for sale may feel as if they would fit other sizes from what is written on the item’s label. In this situation we recommend you list the item under the official size (to save potential disputes with buyers) but mention this in the description.

Some items do not have available sizes to select (e.g hats or rings). If you wish to include details about the item’s size, then please do so in the item’s description.

The Condition - required
There are four options for you to select from here. New with tags, excellent, great, good and well loved. Selecting a condition is required, and you can only select one option.

Please use the item description for further information you wish to include about an item’s condition. Also be sure to include photos of any damage to the item. We recommend you include every detail about the item's condition as it can cause disputes between buyers and sellers.

The Item’s Brand - required, or select other
We have tried to include all known brands on Fashbae. If the brand of your item is not listed then type the brand into the search bar.

If there is a brand you wish us to include on Fashbae then please get in touch. We love to find new brands and would appreciate you helping us grow our brand list.

The items price - required
The price is a requirement and is in New Zealand dollars. If you wish to give away an item for free then please list the item under $0.00.

The item’s price can be changed at any time if you wish to edit your listing, however once a buyer clicks buy now and purchases your item you can no longer can edit the price. Therefore, be very careful that the item is listed under the price you want from the start.

As postage is listed separately, this price is for the item only. If a buyer chooses to pick-up the item (if you select to allow pick-ups) then this will be the total payment you receive, as the cost of postage will be removed.

SafePay - optional
SafePay is an optional service we offer to help control online scamming. This is completely free; it does not cost you or the buyer anything.

If you select to allow SafePay then we hold the buyer’s payment until you have submitted the item’s tracking code. You can submit the code by texting us the tracking code or submitting it online. The tracking code will be automatically checked, and your payment released instantly.

You do not need to wait for the buyer to have received your item for us to release the payment to you. This way there is no risk of buyer scamming.

We recommend you offer SafePay, since buyers feel that their trade is more secure, and it increases the chance of you selling your items.

Find out more about SafePay and how it works here

Allow offers - optional
Select this option if you wish to allow buyers to send you an offer for your item. We do not allow buyers to make offers more than 30% under your item’s listed price.

When a buyer submits an offer you will be sent a text, email and website notification. You can then either accept or decline the offer. You do not have a timeframe for accepting or declining offers; you can take your time to decide, wait to see if you get a better offer, or sell the item at it's listed price.

Do note that a buyer can withdraw their offer at any time if you have not yet accepted it. If your listing expires (after 21 days) then the offer will be automatically declined as well.

You can receive multiple offers on items, as even during the time a buyer has submitted an offer the item will remain for sale on Fashbae. It is not until you accept an offer, and the buyer has paid for the item that it is classed as sold and removed from sale.

Postage cost - required
Here you must include the cost of the item’s postage for the item within New Zealand. All items must have the option to be posted. This cost is added to the total to be paid by the buyer if they wish to have the item delivered by post.

If there are any specific details you wish to include about postage, please do so in the description area.

How much to charge for postage?
Click here for the New Zealand postage pricing guide. Make sure you include enough to cover the cost of postage, as you cannot ask the buyer for more money to cover the postage once the item is sold. If you want postage to be included / free, or if you wish to include postage, then you can simply select this option as a checkbox beside the postage price field. This will show up on your listing as free postage. This always helps with the sale of your item!

Tracking or no tracking - optional
Here you have the option to let the buyer know if you are going to be posting with tracking or not. Tracking costs $1.50 more per item sent (with NZ Post). We highly recommend including tracking as it will help increase the chance of your item selling, and decrease the chance of disputes with a buyer. All SafePay listings a required to have a tracking code (find out why here.)

Allowing pick-ups - optional
You do not have to allow for the pick-up of items. However, if you do wish to allow pick-ups you must select your general location. A drop-down menu is shown with New Zealand regions and areas once you select Allow Pickups. You can only select one location.

Any specific details you wish to include about pick-ups please do so in the item’s description.

You will need to arrange the pick-up details with the buyer once the item is sold. To do this you can message the buyer via the website.

If a buyer selects to pick up the item, then, the cost of postage will be removed from the total price paid.

Allowing cash on pick-up is optional. We keep this optional because some sellers do not want to risk relying on a buyer turning up in order to sell their item. A buyer will always be able to pay via bank card or bank deposit during checkout regardless of whether you allow cash on pick up or not.

Submitting your post
All posts are active for 21 days. After this period your post will expire and you will simply need to click re-post via the items I’m selling page in your account. You will be notified both by email, sms and website notification to let you know when an item you have for sale needs to be re-posted.

You can edit or delete your listings at any time via your Fashbae account. All item details can be edited. As soon as an item is sold it can no longer be edited.

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