Frequently asked questions | I want a refund

SafePay Listings

If the item purchased was listed as SafePay and the seller has not submitted the item tracking code after seven days from purchase, then, your full payment will be refunded back to you.

This is an automatic refund if you have paid by bank card. If you have paid via bank transfer we will contact you via email for your bank account details so that we can deposit the funds back to you. Refunds can take from 1-5 working days for the money to show in your account.

Non-SafePay Listings

If you have purchased an item which does not have SafePay, or selected to pick up any item (SafePay or not), then your payment would have been given directly to the seller. You will therefore need to contact them directly to resolve any issues you have.

We do recommend you get in touch with us for help. We may be able to give the seller a phone call, personal email or somehow get in contact with them. We cannot guarantee this, or that they will refund you if we do make contact.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller, then you can file a dispute with the Disputers Tribunal. This costs between $45 to $180 depending on the value of your claim. For information on this option please refer to the Ministry of Justice website or the Consumers' Institute report.

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