Frequently asked questions | Disputes with buyers

There are many issues which can result in a dispute with a buyer. It is in your best interest to try to resolve all issues with buyers as they can give negative feedback about you, or even open a case against you with the New Zealand’s disputers tribunal.

Try to avoid disputes by explaining as much as you can about postage, and the item’s condition in the items description. Also make sure you include good quality photos illustrating the item, as well as any issues with its condition.

Item Damaged

If the buyer contacts you about an item being damaged ask them to send you a photo of the item. You'll then be able to check if the damage is pre-existing or new (due to postage).

If the damage is new, and potentially caused by the postal service we will need to contact the postage company to sort this out. Make sure the buyer keeps the packaging, as it may be needed as proof / for examination.

If the damage is pre-existing, you will need to work it out with the buyer and yourself. You could ask the buyer to post the item back for a refund, or part of the item payment can be refunded, or you may come to another resolution among yourselves.

Item not as described

If the buyer is trying to argue that the item was not as described, you will then need to work this out between yourselves. Options here are to ask the buyer to post the item back for a refund, to refund part of the item price, or you may come to another agreement.

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